Get answers to frequently asked questions about the new Comcast On-Screen Program Guide and
DVR Service features.

How do I activate myDVR Manager so I can schedule recordings online?
To activate, click here. Activation requires Comcast Digital Cable with DVR service, Comcast High-Speed Internet and a email address/password. Forgot yours?
Why does the Smart Bar for another program show up sometimes when I'm watching a DVR recording?
Even while you're watching a recording that's saved on your DVR, your DVR is still tuned to a channel in the background. That's what makes it possible to record two programs at the same time, even while watching a saved DVR recording.
If the channel you're tuned to is a standard def channel, and it has a simulcast HD "sister" channel, you may see the Smart Bar pop up for one or two seconds at the beginning of a program starting on that channel. Why? So if you were to want to start recording that program in HD you could quickly swap back to that tuner, tune to the HD channel instead of the SD channel, and start your recording.
Over time this feature will phase out, as customers become accustomed to the availability of the Watch in HD button. In the meantime, you can simply ignore the Smart Bar and it will disappear on its own, or hit EXIT on the remote to dismiss it.
My TV seems to be "stuck" on a black screen — I can access the Guide but can't see video. Can I fix it myself?
If your TV seems to be "stuck" on a black screen but you can still press GUIDE or INFO on your remote and see the Guide, you can you can "ping" your signal easily: on your remote just press Channel Up or Down, or if you have a DVR you can press Swap twice. Your video should resume immediately.
When I stop my DVR recording, I sometimes lose audio on my channel. How do I get audio back?
If your are tuned to a channel you can see but not hear, you can "ping" your signal easily: on your remote just press Channel Up or Down. Your audio should resume immediately.
Why does Rewind and Fast-Forward on my DVR not stop consistently at the same spot in a program when I press Play?
The new feature called DVR Auto-Correction, or "overshoot correction", is based on an algorithm that calculates how fast you are fast-forwarding or rewinding, and when you actually press the PLAY button, and adjusts for any lag (hand/eye coordination, for example). This timing will adjust over time and with future releases.
Why, if I'm viewing my Favorite channels in the TV Listings by Time grid, when I exit from the Program Information screen of a channel, am I returned to the top of the list instead of the last channel in the list I was on?
This isn't the expected behavior of this feature, and will be fixed in a future release.
Why did Comcast upgrade my Guide?
We periodically perform these upgrades as a courtesy to keep improving your entertainment experience. Whenever the Guide is updated we add new features, make old features work a little better, and improve the performance and response time.
Will all of my set-top boxes receive this upgrade?
Yes, all Comcast set-top boxes in applicable markets are being upgraded over the next several weeks.
I am seeing "TBA" instead of actual program names in my Guide — why did this happen and what should I do?
When the On-Screen Program Guide is updated, all of the program data (titles, descriptions and schedules) needs a little bit of time to reload. It's kind of like rebooting a computer.
This "TBA" in the Guide is normal and throughout the day you will notice program names begin to fill in. The best thing to do is just let the Guide data populate. We do NOT recommend unplugging your box, as this will start the loading process over again. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
My favorite show is on tonight, and my Guide still says "To Be Announced" instead of the program name on that channel—how can I make sure that it records?
You can use your DVR to set up a Manual Recording. It's a rare case that your Guide data doesnt load in time, but if you find that you need to schedule the recording before the program information reappears:
  1. Press Menu on your remote once and select DVR from the Quick Menu
  2. Select Set a Recording, then Create a Manual Recording
  3. Choose the time and channel that you would like to record, then select Confirm
I am not seeing my Scheduled Recordings—should I reset them?
Your Scheduled Recordings are linked to the Guide data. So, for example, if you have a recording scheduled for "Law & Order," until that channel stops showing "To Be Announced" and instead shows "Law & Order" in the Guide at the appropriate night and time, your Scheduled Recording of that episode will not appear. Once the Guide data finishes loading, your Scheduled Recordings will reappear. Check your Scheduled Recordings again, after your Guide data has completely loaded, to confirm that they have reappeared.
I don't see any of my saved DVR Recordings under "My Recordings". How do I get them back?
Your DVR recordings should reappear as soon as the Guide finishes repopulating itself with program information. Your recordings are still there on your DVR; your DVR is just "looking" for the name of the program to display, which it will find when the data is uploaded.
What happened to the button that used to send me to On Demand from the flip bar?
This link is no longer available; it was removed to make room for other features. We found through research that most customers use the On Demand button on the remote or directly tune to On Demand—these methods still work.