AP - ap.online.headlines.intl http://www.comcast.net?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_ AP - ap.online.headlines.intl News Wed, 30 Jul 2014 07:25:12 -0400 Shelling of UN school kills 15 as Gaza war rages Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:44:05 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/ML--Israel-Palestinians/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_ML--Israel-Palestinians c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-66d7 JEBALIYA REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli tank shells slammed into a crowded U.N. school Wednesday sheltering Gazans displaced by fighting, killing 15 and wounding 90 after tearing through the walls of two classrooms, a spokesman for a U.N. aid agency and a health official said. AP ANALYSIS: Amid war, endgames in Gaza emerge Wed, 30 Jul 2014 05:02:52 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/ML--Gaza.War-Exit-Analysis/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_ML--Gaza.War-Exit-Analysis c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6679 TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — The savage fighting between Israel and Hamas is escalating in Gaza, cease-fire efforts take on elements of farce, and bravado rules the public discourse. But even through the fog of war, a few endgame scenarios can nonetheless be glimpsed. AP PHOTOS: Face of Syrian war seen in youngest Wed, 30 Jul 2014 05:08:46 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/ML--Syria-Refugee.Children-Photo.Essay/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_ML--Syria-Refugee.Children-Photo.Essay c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65f7 ZAATARI, Jordan (AP) — At Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp near the border with Syria, the horror of the neighboring country's civil war can be seen in the faces of its youngest refugees. How high-level Chinese officials are taken down Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:41:54 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/AS--China-Anatomy.of.a.Takedown/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AS--China-Anatomy.of.a.Takedown c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65b7 BEIJING (AP) — The investigation into China's former security chief Zhou Yongkang could pave the way for him to stand trial as the most senior politician ever prosecuted for graft. It's hard to predict how his case will be handled in the opaque, secretive world of Chinese politics, but here's how such prosecutions tend to play out, though not necessarily always in this sequence: Landslide hits Indian village, 150 may be trapped Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:35:39 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/AS-India-Landslide/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AS-India-Landslide c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6628 NEW DELHI (AP) — A landslide hit a remote village in western India following torrential rains Wednesday, sweeping away scores of houses and possibly trapping more than 150 people, officials said. Ukraine official: Rebels lay mines near crash site Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:53:57 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/EU--Ukraine/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--Ukraine c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65f6 DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — International observers turned back Wednesday after making another attempt to reach the site where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down in eastern Ukraine, and a government official said the area near the zone had been mined by pro-Russian separatists who control it. Russia's central bank supports sanctions targets Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:36:52 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/Russia-Sanctions/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_Russia-Sanctions c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6612 MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's central bank promised to support financial institutions hit by U.S. sanctions as stocks took a tumble in Moscow on Wednesday. Bank scandal tarnishes powerful Portuguese family Wed, 30 Jul 2014 04:12:42 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/EU--Portugal-End.of.a.Dynasty/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--Portugal-End.of.a.Dynasty c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65da LISBON, Portugal (AP) — Portugal's Espirito Santo family business survived wars, dictatorship, revolution and family feuds for almost 150 years. Now, one of Europe's last banking dynasties is being stripped of its wealth and influence amid accounting irregularities, huge unreported debts, and a police investigation. Suspect charged with murder in Jewish Museum case Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:32:09 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/EU--Belgium-Jewish.Museum.Shooting/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--Belgium-Jewish.Museum.Shooting c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65b6 BRUSSELS (AP) — The man suspected of killing four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum in May has been charged with "murder in a terrorist context." Khmer Rouge tribunal clears way for genocide trial Wed, 30 Jul 2014 06:50:57 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/AS--Cambodia-Khmer.Rouge.Trial/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AS--Cambodia-Khmer.Rouge.Trial c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65ad PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — A United Nations-assisted tribunal on Wednesday cleared the way to begin the genocide trial of two elderly former top leaders of Cambodia's 1970s Khmer Rouge regime. Millions reported stolen from Albania central bank Wed, 30 Jul 2014 05:01:07 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/EU-Albania-Central-Bank-Theft/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU-Albania-Central-Bank-Theft c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-65e1 TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albania's central bank says 713 million leke (5 million euros; $6.75 million) has been stolen from its reserve storage building. Spanish, Catalonia leaders meet on secession push Wed, 30 Jul 2014 03:02:19 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/EU--Spain-Catalonia.Independence/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--Spain-Catalonia.Independence c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-664a MADRID (AP) — Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the leader of the economically powerful Catalonia region are holding a crucial face-to-face meeting Wednesday in what could be a last chance to resolve a bitter dispute over the region's plans to hold a secession referendum in November. Top doctor dies from Ebola after treating dozens Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:18:02 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/AF--Liberia-Ebola/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AF--Liberia-Ebola c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6b7e FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — A leading doctor who risked his own life to treat dozens of Ebola patients died Tuesday from the disease, officials said, as a major regional airline announced it was suspending flights to the cities hardest hit by an outbreak that has killed more than 670 people. Hamas demands for cease-fire and Israel's concerns Tue, 29 Jul 2014 11:47:04 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/ML-Palestinians-Hamas-Demands/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_ML-Palestinians-Hamas-Demands c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6b32 JERUSALEM (AP) — Hamas rulers have presented a list of demands to stop their fire on Israel in the Gaza war. Israel has said it doesn't want to reward Hamas for its rocket campaign, but has other reasons to oppose the demands — mostly based on security. Activists want gay rights on Africa summit agenda Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:46:59 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/US-Africa-Summit-Gay-Rights/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_US-Africa-Summit-Gay-Rights c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-68d3 Human rights and gay rights activists on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to ensure that the issue of anti-gay discrimination in Africa is on the agenda at next week's summit in Washington with more than 40 African leaders. China: Ex-security czar Zhou under investigation Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:07:19 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/AS-China-Security-Czar/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AS-China-Security-Czar c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6c4a BEIJING (AP) — China's ruling Communist Party announced an investigation into a feared ex-security chief, demonstrating President Xi Jinping's firm grip on power and breaking a longstanding taboo against publicly targeting the country's topmost leaders. Shelling adds to mounting civilian toll in Ukraine Tue, 29 Jul 2014 14:17:21 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/EU--Ukraine/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--Ukraine c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6c4b DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Shells smashed into a residential neighborhood of Donetsk on Tuesday as Ukrainian forces intensified their campaign to encircle the rebel stronghold. The shelling killed at least two people, blew gaping holes in an apartment block and raised fears that the city is on the verge of severe bloodshed. West seeks to inflict more economic pain on Russia Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:47:22 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/30/Russia-Sanctions/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_Russia-Sanctions c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-66ae WASHINGTON (AP) — Citing Russia's stalled growth rate and a flow of foreign capital out of Moscow, U.S. and European officials hope a new round of sanctions targeting energy and defense entities, as well as major banks, will deepen Russia's economic pain even further and force President Vladimir Putin to end provocations in Ukraine. China reports deadly attack in northwest Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:27:21 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/AS--China-Xinjiang.Violence/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_AS--China-Xinjiang.Violence c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6b33 BEIJING (AP) — A mob armed with knives and axes rampaged through part of China's volatile northwestern region of Xinjiang and police responded with gunfire, leaving dozens of people dead in the latest violence blamed Islamic militants, state media reported Tuesday. Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris infested with rats Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:30:29 -0400 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/world/2014/07/29/EU--France-Louvre.Garden.Rats/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_world_EU--France-Louvre.Garden.Rats c9d8ec1afb93944a:-ec04479:1476e422b3d:-6b97 PARIS (AP) — Rats are on the rampage in the elegant garden of the Louvre Museum, so bold they romp on the grass in broad daylight, defying death threats from sanitation workers and scaring tourists.