AP - ap.online.headlines.entertainment http://www.comcast.net?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_ AP - ap.online.headlines.entertainment News Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:06:39 -0500 'Dr. Phil': To air 'intervention with Bobbi Brown's partner Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:41:25 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US-TV-Dr-Phil-Nick-Gordon/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US-TV-Dr-Phil-Nick-Gordon c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4b28 LOS ANGELES (AP) — The "Dr. Phil" shows says it will air an "intervention" conducted with Nick Gordon, the partner of hospitalized Bobbi Kristina Brown. Comedy Central's Bee moves to TBS Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:43:10 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US-TV-TBS-Bee/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US-TV-TBS-Bee c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4b29 NEW YORK (AP) — The exodus continues at "The Daily Show," with TBS announcing Thursday that it is giving longtime correspondent Samantha Bee her own topical comedy show. Ringling Bros to retire its elephants, ending a tradition Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:55:44 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/articles/2015/03/05/US--Ringling.Bros.Circus.Elephants-Photo.Gallery/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_entertainment_US--Ringling.Bros.Circus.Elephants-Photo.Gallery c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4aa5 POLK CITY, Fla. (AP) — Elephants have always been part of The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, ever since showman P.T. Barnum brought Jumbo, "a massive 12-foot African elephant," to America in 1882 to star in the "Greatest Show on Earth." Whenever the circus came to town, parades of pachyderms heralded its arrival, drawing patriotic crowds that boosted sales and even attracted vote-hungry politicians. Feld Entertainment, which owns the circus, still keeps 43 elephants, 13 of which are performing. But years of pressure from activists alleging abuse have caused a "mood shift" among consumers, circus executive Alana Feld told The Associated Press, and the Feld family would rather spend money on elephant care than lawyers. The Felds say they'll phase out elephant acts by 2018 as the remaining performers retire to their 200-acre Center for Elephant Conservation in central Florida. Arquette, Schwarzenegger films to premiere at Tribeca fest Thu, 05 Mar 2015 14:54:15 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Film-Tribeca/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Film-Tribeca c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4a37 NEW YORK (AP) — The Tribeca Film Festival unveiled the second half of its slate of 97 movies, including films starring recent Oscar-winner Patricia Arquette and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as documentaries on Rosanne Barr and R&B star Mary J. Blige. Jaime Camil shines as telenovela star on 'Jane the Virgin' Thu, 05 Mar 2015 14:16:47 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--TV-Jaime.Camil/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--TV-Jaime.Camil c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4a38 NEW YORK (AP) — Last pilot season, Jaime Camil had options — two offers for dramas at ABC and Netflix. Comedy Central's 'Too Many Stars' means plenty of laughs Thu, 05 Mar 2015 12:57:28 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--TV-Too.Many.Stars/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--TV-Too.Many.Stars c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:49b0 NEW YORK (AP) — You're a bit late to bid on the chance to join John Oliver in robbing a wine store. When in Paris: Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto go platinum Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:53:31 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/EU-France-Paris-Fashion-Week-Watch/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_EU-France-Paris-Fashion-Week-Watch c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4945 PARIS (AP) — Kim Kardashian made a fashion statement of her own at Balmain's show Thursday, showing off newly platinum locks. Ringling Bros. Circus to give up elephant acts in 3 years Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:53:32 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US-Ringling-Bros-Circus-Elephants/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US-Ringling-Bros-Circus-Elephants c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4847 POLK CITY, Fla. (AP) — The family that owns the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus won't say just what it was that made them finally decide to remove elephant acts from the "Greatest Show on Earth." Cold War-era thriller premieres as opera Thu, 05 Mar 2015 14:08:05 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Opera--Manchurian.Candidate/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Opera--Manchurian.Candidate c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4a3a Take a little brainwashing, add a few political assassinations and stir in a villainess evil enough to rival Lady Macbeth. The enduring result is "The Manchurian Candidate," first as a novel, then two movies and now — an opera. Miles O'Brien's life lesson cost his left arm Thu, 05 Mar 2015 15:20:57 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/articles/2015/03/05/US-TV-Miles-O_Brien/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_entertainment_US-TV-Miles-O_Brien c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4907 NEW YORK (AP) — For television science correspondent Miles O'Brien, seeing on film the aftermath of the fluke injury that resulted in the amputation of his left arm above the elbow proved more difficult than he had anticipated. Theater shooting trial could begin sooner than expected Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:12:45 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Colorado.Shooting/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Colorado.Shooting c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:49c6 CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — With jury selection moving faster than expected, a judge on Thursday set two possible dates in April for opening statements in the Colorado theater shooting case. New fashion museum exhibit documents Lauren Bacall: The Look Thu, 05 Mar 2015 11:06:40 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/articles/2015/03/05/US--Fashion-Lauren.Bacall.Exhibit/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_entertainment_US--Fashion-Lauren.Bacall.Exhibit c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4926 NEW YORK (AP) — On stage, screen and magazine covers, Lauren Bacall was known as "The Look," but in her regular life, the late icon described her style as "studied carelessness." Actor known for role as dim-witted boss on 'Seinfeld' dies Thu, 05 Mar 2015 12:54:23 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Obit-Von.Bargen/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Obit-Von.Bargen c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4980 CINCINNATI (AP) — Daniel von Bargen, who played George Costanza's dim-witted boss Mr. Kruger on "Seinfeld," has died. He was 64. Music Review: Kelly Clarkson's new album fails to woo Thu, 05 Mar 2015 10:26:48 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/articles/2015/03/05/US--Music.Review-Kelly.Clarkson/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_entertainment_US--Music.Review-Kelly.Clarkson c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:48e3 Kelly Clarkson, "Piece By Piece" (RCA, 19) Andrew Solomon is new president of PEN American Center Thu, 05 Mar 2015 11:13:29 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--PEN.President/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--PEN.President c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4927 NEW YORK (AP) — Prize-winning author Andrew Solomon is the new president of the Pen American Center. Dying wish comes true: Dutch woman with ALS sees Rembrandts Thu, 05 Mar 2015 11:09:38 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/entertainment/articles/2015/03/05/EU--Netherlands-Dying.Wish/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_entertainment_EU--Netherlands-Dying.Wish c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4928 AMSTERDAM (AP) — A Dutch charity has granted a terminally ill woman's dying wish, wheeling her into Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum on a special bed for a private viewing of an immensely popular exhibition of Rembrandt paintings. 'Shadow of Mordor,' 'Monument Valley' win big at game awards Thu, 05 Mar 2015 00:32:05 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Games-Game.Developers.Choice.Awards/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Games-Game.Developers.Choice.Awards c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:4658 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — "Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor" is king of the Game Developers Choice Awards. New play brings Supreme Court Justice Scalia to the stage Thu, 05 Mar 2015 13:42:15 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Theater-Justice.Scalia/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Theater-Justice.Scalia c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:49f1 WASHINGTON (AP) — Actor Edward Gero has spent a lot of time in court over the past year — the Supreme Court to be exact — watching, studying and listening to one justice in particular, seeing how he behaves. Court rules journalist can publish diary in James Brown case Thu, 05 Mar 2015 13:41:02 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US-James-Brown-Estate-Lawsuit/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US-James-Brown-Estate-Lawsuit c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:49f2 COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina Supreme Court says a freelance journalist can publish a diary that she says is from James Brown's widow. Holocaust survivor in Denver preserves memories in book Thu, 05 Mar 2015 13:32:59 -0500 http://www.comcast.net/news/articles/entertainment/2015/03/05/US--Paula_.s.Window/?cid=rssfeed&attr=article_news_entertainment_US--Paula_.s.Window c9d8ec1afb93944a:100973a4:14b500ad631:49f3 DENVER (AP) — As she approached her 80th year, Holocaust survivor Paula Burger became determined to ensure her generation's memories lived on.