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John Cho Reflects on His Career

Actor John Cho is the male lead in the new ABC sitcom “Selfie,” a modern take on the “Pygmalion”/”My Fair Lady” story. Cho plays Henry Higgins, a marketing guru who is convinced by a self-absorbed Eliza Dooley (played by Karen Gillan) to remake and rebrand her.

New Releases On DVD/Blu-Ray

Spartacus: The Complete Series All hail Spartacus…his legend will live on! Anchor Bay Entertainment has released every season of the acclaimed Starz Original series in a complete muscular thirteen-disc Blu-ray… More

XFINITY Freeview Latino

XFINITY FREEVIEW Latino is back starting September 22nd through October 5th on XFINITY On Demand, online and on the Xfinity TV Go app, anytime, anywhere and on any device! For… More

XFINITY Freeview Latino

XFINITY FREEVIEW Latino está de regreso desde el 22 de Septiembre hasta el 5 de Octubre en XFINITY On Demand, en línea y en todos tus aparatos móviles — Eso… More