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Can’t Stop Watching: ‘Murder She Wrote’ Reboot Axed, Bill Cosby Returns to TV, Rashida Jones Teams with Steve Carell & More

he “Murder She Wrote” reboot starring Octavia Spencer has been canned, according to In October, news broke that the Oscar-winning actress would star in an updated version of the beloved, long-running CBS series that starred Angela Lansbury as amateur sleuth J.B. Fletcher.

INTERVIEW: Richard Roundtree Talks BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’

Like most people, when I think of Richard Roundtree, the first image that comes to mind is as kick-ass detective John Shaft from the 1970s “Shaft” films. And I’m not the only one. Roundtree–who played film’s first black private eye–is often met by adoring fans who want to encapsulate him in the Blaxploitation persona. But there’s so much more to him.