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TV to Si: Aimee Garcia Talks About Her Fears on ‘Late Late Show’, Keegan Helps Out A Cannibal on ‘Rake’

It’s finally Thursday and we are officially one day away from kicking off the weekend! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for some fun TV watching to wind down from my hectic day at work.

TV to Si: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Takes Bite Out of New Role; Cristiano Ronaldo Takes on Leo Messi This Saturday

You’ve been waiting all week and finally–it’s Friday! But today is no ordinary Friday. It’s the Friday when Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes his debut as “Dracula” on NBC at 10pm!

‘True Blood’ to End Its Run Next Year

Brace yourselves, “True Blood” fans; the end is near. HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo said on Tuesday that the vampire drama will end its run next year following its seventh season, which will launch next summer.

‘True Blood’: Walk Into the Light

“Life Matters,” the penultimate episode of this sixth season of “True Blood,” was both action-packed and slow as molasses. Everything that seemed like it would happen at Vamp Camp in the finale happens this week. There is also the longest funeral in television history. Terry was a great guy, but his memorial service took up half the episode, which seems excessive.

‘True Blood’: Two Truly Shocking Deaths

One of the longstanding complaints about “True Blood” is that none of the major characters ever die. This week’s episode, “Don’t You Feel Me”, changed all that with the death of someone who has been around since the beginning.