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The Tuesday Buzz: Jon Stewart Calls Rush Limbaugh ‘A Terrible Person’ and More

You knew that as soon as “The Daily Show” hit the air this week that they were going to address Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut.” And they did with full guns blazing; Jon Stewart even expressed that “he’s a terrible person” at some point during the show-opening bit about the incident.

The Thursday Buzz: Shatner Smokes Colbert at Arm Wrestling and More

William Shatner has been doing a lot of interviews to promote his one-man Broadway show “Shatner’s World” — then again, he seems to be constantly doing interviews about something or other — but for one reason or another, he’s never gone on “The Colbert Report.” That changed last night.

The Friday Buzz: ‘Daily Show’ Asks Fla. Governor to Take Drug Test and More

Florida governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill into law that would have required people on public assistance to take a drug test before getting their welfare benefits. That law made the folks at “The Daily Show” scratch their heads, so they sent Aasif Mandvi down to the Sunshine State to look into it.