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New Releases On DVD/Blu-Ray

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Dare to live your dreams! Get Ready To Let Life In. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment takes movie-lovers on an uplifting adventure with the… More

New Releases On DVD/Blu-Ray

The Wolf of Wall Street Legendary director Martin Scorsese delivers another masterpiece ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and VOD from Paramount Home Media… More

INTERVIEW: ‘Mary Mary’ Star Tina Campbell Talks Forgiving Cheating Hubby, Almost Quitting Show

It’s one thing to deal with a difficult, personal matter privately. It’s another when you have to do it with cameras rolling, millions of strangers adding their 2 cents and the perception that you’re supposed to be perfect. For the past couple of years, Tina Campbell, one-half of the multi-Grammy Award-winning gospel sister duo, Mary Mary, has dealt with mourning her late father, the near-dissolution of her marriage, tense disagreements with her sister and singing partner Erica Campbell and a host of other trials while filming her WE tv reality series, “Mary Mary.”

New Releases On DVD/Blu-Ray

Sherlock It’s been nearly two years since Sherlock Holmes seemingly fell to his death in the epic second season finale of ‘Sherlock,’ and since then all anyone has wanted to… More

Hills Coming Alive with ‘The Sound of Music Live!’

Maria, former would-be nun, is about to get married. Starring as Maria in NBC’s new version of “The Sound of Music,” Carrie Underwood is clad in her own T-shirt and leggings plus a wedding veil as she reverently steps through the bare-bones Manhattan rehearsal space while three dozen castmates, on their feet as if in church, sing “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”