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by | May 1, 2014 at 5:21 PM | General, XFINITY ASIA

TV Asia.

TV Asia Promotes South Asian Talent in the USA by highlighting the rich heritage in the arts, religion, sports & culture & inspires the current generation to uphold and carry forward the rich & ancient ideals of our glorious past. It is the only TV Channel celebrating the achievements, cultural fulfillment of South Asians in the USA. Listed are some of the shows from the month of March.

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“Shades Of Shakti” 
 TV ASIA is super excited to announce its new TV series called Shades of Shakti – A Celebration Of South Asian Women produced and hosted by Nisha Mathur. This series features compelling stories, life experiences and extraordinary achievements of South Asian Women who have harnessed the principles of strength and resilience and taken control of their personal and professional destinies — often in the face of unbelievable challenges.

 Another big event of the festivity from the south asian community that we will feature on TV Asia in the month of March is Holi:The Festival Of Colors. Being held all across the nation with thousands of people taking part in the festival TV Asia will bring you a special from the colorful Holi Festivity.

“Dance Pe Chance” 
 With the craze of Bollywood everywhere, now its time for everyone to understand the dance from the industry. Students from dance schools from the tri-state area showcased their skills at a competition “Dance Pe Chance” hosted by Federation of Indian Associations. TV Asia being the media partner at the event will bring a special on the show in the month of March.

“Beyond Bollywood” 
 TV Asia joins Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center in celebrating Indians and their descendants in the U.S. with a groundbreaking exhibition“Beyond Bollywood”Indian Americans Shape The Nation. The exhibition is being held at the Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History in February 2014.

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