‘Revenge’ Cast Member Ashley Madekwe Won’t Be Back: Report

by | May 31, 2013 at 11:49 AM | Revenge, TV News

Ashley Madekwe, seen here on "Revenge" this past season (Photo: ABC)

The story is over for original “Revenge” cast member Ashley Madekwe.

That’s the word from this story on the Deadline.com Web site, which reports that the actress won’t be back when “Revenge” returns for its third season next fall.

Madekwe, 31, played Ashley Davenport for the show’s first two seasons. Now, though, the show’s writers and producers have basically run out of storyline ideas that would sustain the character for a third season, Deadline reports.

As a result, she’s out of the picture. Whether her absence will be somehow acknowledged or written into the show next fall was not reported.

She’s one of two cast members who won’t be back. The other one, Connor Paolo, won’t return for a much more concrete reason: His character, Declan Porter, died in the season finale seen earlier this month on ABC.

Watch the entire “Revenge” season finale here, in two parts — Part One:
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