‘Today’: Bride Defends Costly Break-up After Jilted Groom Sues

by | May 24, 2012 at 10:13 AM | The Today Show

A runaway bride defended herself Thursday on “Today” after her jilted groom sued her for damages that resulted from canceling their “dream wedding.”

Steven Silverstein filed a lawsuit this week in New York City claiming his now ex-fiancee Kendra Platt-Lee owes him thousands of dollars in lost wedding deposits.

“I can understand why he’s emotional about it,” said Platt-Lee, who called off their engagement last month and fled to California, when the “over-the-top” wedding they were planning became “just too much for me.”

“I don’t think I owe him any money at all,” Platt-Lee also said.

The court documents allege the bride should pay her share of the fees, including $2,975 in wedding deposits, plus another $13,756.69 in damages owed to wedding vendors, such as the hotel, the DJ and furniture rentals.

Her ex also wants her half of the rent while they lived together in NYC, totaling $25,668.75.

The lawsuit also claims Platt-Lee withdrew $54,367.87 from the couple’s joint account on the day she broke up with her fiance, taking $19,000 more than her share.

A former Hooters girl and flight attendant, Kendra claims she’s not a golddigger, just a normal girl who fell out of love, broke up with somebody and wants to move on.

For the record, she DID return the $32,000 engagement ring.

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