Preview: Steve Carell’s Farewell from ‘The Office’

by | April 27, 2011 at 4:30 PM | The Office

The handful of preview clips trickling out of NBC this week for Steve Carell’s exit from “The Office” Thursday night don’t reveal a whole heckuva lot about what this episode’s plot will be – if any.

We do know this: The episode will be 50 minutes long (9-9:50 p.m./8-8:50c) both to accommodate Carell’s good-bye as sales manager Michael Scott and then to fit in a special 40-minute episode of “Parks & Recreation” (9:50-10:30 p.m./8:50-9:30c).

Here’s what we can tell from the “Office” clips: This episode will at least achieve the high level of hilarity we’ve come to expect from this series. Of course, we’re biased because we happen to be “Office” fans. And we’ve been loving these episodes with guest-star Will Ferrell (this week’s episode will be his third of four). Naturally, with Carell leaving, we’re concerned about the future of the show. Sure, this show’s success owes much to every member of its ensemble cast, but Carell’s the glue that holds the whole thing together.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we have one more episode to enjoy with Steve Carell, who stars in these clips from Thursday night’s episode, which carries the simple title: “Goodbye, Michael.”

In this clip, Michael has some final, personal words for Angela (Angela Kinsey) and we learn a little something about Angela’s new boyfriend, state Sen. Rob Lipton (Jack Coleman). What is it? Here’s a hint: Oscar (Oscar Nunez) notices it right away. And so will you, if you watch this:

And in this clip, Michael contemplates his future in the Rocky Mountains from a Scranton rooftop, where he seeks some advice about bears from Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). What’s Dwight’s advice? Don’t carry a salami. What’s that mean? Find out here:

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