James Cameron Ponders Schwarzenegger Reunion

by | December 10, 2009 at 4:43 PM | The Movies

Avatar director James Cameron, who made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous with The Terminator and made him amusing with True Lies, has said that he’s considering ideas for helping the California governor resume his movie career once he’s out of office, provided he doesn’t decide to run for the Senate or something.

“I think he wants to come back to Hollywood,” Cameron said. “I think he wants to act again, and we will talk when he’s clear of his problems and I’m clear of mine. “I’m thinking about things that we could do together. I’m sure he is as well.”

That could mean we’d get the long-awaited sequel to True Lies (2 True 2 Lies?), but with Jamie Lee Curtis selling laxative yogurt now, is the original cast perhaps a little too long in the tooth to carry an action movie now? Maybe they can all get CG avatars to do the stunts for them.