Omarosa Apologizes…To Everyone

by | August 1, 2009 at 1:43 PM | The Ziedgeist, TV News

Reality TV’s resident “ice queen” Omarosa is extending an olive branch to those who she may have offended over the years.

“I would like to apologize for calling Janice Dickinson a crazy crackhead,” she said of her former “Surreal Life” co-star, wryly adding “I might also want to apologize for talking about her jowels, and saying that she has a bad weave.”

The outspoken “Apprentice” star, who was at Press Tour Friday to promote her upcoming TV One docu-series “Life After” – a show which explores the lives of celebrities following a pivotal private or public event – said she’d like people to see her for who she really is – “a daughter, an auntie” – outside of her nefarious boardroom persona.

Apologies were also made to Wendy Williams – who she had a physical altercation with last year on Williams’ show – for “calling her a man,” and Piers Morgan for “saying he was a British idiot.”

When confronted with the sincerity of her admissions, she laughed and lightheartedly confessed “I meant that from my heart. I’m evolving.”

“Life After” premieres September 13 on TV One.