Preview: Chevy Chase And Scott Bakula On Tonight’s Chuck!

by | April 6, 2009 at 2:31 PM | The Ziedgeist

What do you get when you put Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase together in one hour of primetime? You get tonight’s episode of Chuck, that’s what. Starting with this evening’s episode, Chase, who has signed on for a 3-episode arc, will play Chuck’s Hawaiian shirt-wearing hero Ted Roark, CEO of the mysterious Roark Industries (and general all-around blowhard) who offers Chuckster the gig of a lifetime. Only problem? Chuck’s newly resurfaced dad (Bakula) isn’t exactly BFF’s with the guy. In fact, it’s pretty clear that Roark “stole everything” from him. Uh oh. Maybe Jeffster! can return and lighten the mood?