Movie News Roundup: Jason Bateman, Sam Jackson, Brad Pitt & Keira Knightley

by | March 2, 2009 at 4:02 PM | The Movies


Jason Bateman has got a full plate ahead of him, which he must be enjoying after so many drought years after Teen Wolf Too. He’s going to re-team with Juno director Jason Reitman for Up In The Air, playing boss-man to George Clooney’s frequent-flyer-mile-obsessed corporate consultant. He’s also got a Jennifer Aniston laffer entitled Baster, the Mike Judge comedy Extract, the ensemble yukfest Couples Retreat opposite Kristin Davis and next month he’ll be appearing with Russell Crowe in State of Play. And, of course, there’s always that Arrested Development movie that promises to be quite the hoot.

Maria Bello, Samuel L. Jackson and Abigail Breslin are starring in Harold Becker’s adaptation of a Joyce Carol Oates novella entitled Rape: A Love Story. Bello, proving once again to be a truly fearless actress, is playing the victim of a brutal gang rape, witnessed by her daughter (Breslin) and who is stalked by the perpetrators. Jackson will be playing a cop who gets involved with protecting her. This will be a very touchy subject to say the least, and given Becker’s recent track record of tepid thrillers like Mercury Rising and Domestic Disturbance, one has to wonder if it will be handled properly.

There’s also loose talk of a new Terrence Malick epic called The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, that will also feature giant life-like CG dinosaurs. When Pitt left the aforementioned State of Play, it freed him up to take on a role that was originally going to be played by Heath Ledger – a role rumored to be the father of Penn’s character in flashbacks. Malick is certainly an eccentric director, and a film of his that spans millennia would really be something to see.

Keira Knightley is finally making a move away from corsets and wigs with a Mark Romanek sci-fi flick called Never Let Me Go, about an isolated trio of people who eventually discover that they are clones created specifically for organ harvesting. It’s a Fox Searchlight picture, so it likely won’t be a big bombastic thing like The Island. It’s likely to be a lot more like the bleak Tim Robbins/Samantha Morton clone drama Code 46, which you can watch for free right here on Fancast.